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Meet the Superintendent


It is with great excitement that I introduce myself as the new Superintendent of the Wilson School District #7.

I feel that it is important to immerse myself in the WSD culture, communicate with our many stakeholders, and be visible in our community, especially in the early days of my tenure. Showing gratitude and recognition for all is important as well as listening and learning as much as possible about the successes, challenges and opportunities for our community. Meetings will be set up throughout the school year to share ideas and learn from each other.

I believe that student success begins with personalized connections fostered by surrounding every student with Caring Adults who are focused on success for ALL. I am committed to maintaining high expectations for teaching and learning, fostering a positive school climate and promoting meaningful school improvement efforts. Each school will form partnerships with local businesses and organizations to inspire a lifetime of learning and a commitment to community service.

Every member of the Wilson School District Community will play a role in safety and well-being of ALL. We are committed to making certain that every person shares in the responsibility of embracing diversity and ensuring equity for all. Consistent practices such as 180 days of Highly Effective Instruction for all students and continuing professional development activities will guide this mission.

The pandemic has made the past year difficult for many of us and it has shown the importance of recognizing social emotional well-being. As CDC guidelines change we will continue to communicate with you as well as resume family activities in our schools and rebuild our sense of community.

I look forward to the future and continuing our journey on the Pathway to Excellence for all stakeholders.


Ernest Rose