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Bus Rules

Riding is a privilege; parents/guardians and students should discuss and make sure they know the rules.  As a last resort, violations of these bus rules may result in the loss of bus privileges for a limited time, not to exceed 30 days.  

These rules apply while students are being transported on a school bus or vehicle used for school purposes.  

Rules Safety Precautions
Always comply with bus driver’s/monitor’s directions Know the correct bus route # and route to/from the bus stop; ALWAYS board/depart the correct stop known by parent/guardian
Remain seated; keep hands, feet, and head inside bus
Keep unauthorized materials and substances off bus
Use classroom voice (no profanity/loud noises/intimidation) Discuss what to do if the bus is late in the morning or no one is home in the afternoon
All personal possessions must be under control at all times
No eating or drinking on the bus

Procedures followed upon student misbehavior on school bus: (Policy EEAE-EA)

When a student misbehaves on a bus for the first time, the driver will explain to the offender the necessity for good behavior.

If, after talks and warning, the rider continues to violate the rules, the driver will inform the student that the rule violation will be reported to the principal. This report will include the use of a written form that lists the offense and the action taken by the principal.

Upon receiving the complaint and discussing it with the driver, the principal or assistant principal (AP) will then call the student to the office and warn the student that the parents must be notified that the student will be put off the bus if misbehavior reoccurs.

If poor conduct continues, the driver will again report the incident to the principal or AP. After discussion it will be decided whether to take the bus-riding  privilege away from the student, and, if so, for how long.

When a student is not allowed transportation by school bus, the principal or AP will inform the parents of the penalty, the reason for it, and how long the penalty will last. In such cases, the parents become responsible for seeing that their child gets to and from school safely.

A student who is put off one (1) bus will be refused transportation by all drivers for the specified period of time.