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Restorative Practices

Restorative practices are strategies for resolving problems and building relationships by addressing the social and emotional issues created by conflict and restoring students to supportive learning environments after making amends for poor choices.

How Does WSD Implement Restorative Conferences/Circles?

•    Small impromptu circles or large group circles: a few people meet to briefly address and resolve a problem; facilitated by district staff including teachers, counselors, and/or principals/assistant principals.  A larger group can meet in a large circle or a classroom circle to discuss issues, answer questions, solve problems, or offer feedback; facilitated by district staff including, but not limited to teachers, principals/assistant principals, counselors and MTSS Facilitators.

•    Formal restorative conferences: address serious problems of behavior. These conferences may involve students who commit disciplinary infractions, victims, parents/guardians, and principals / assistant principals. Only those trained in formal conferences can facilitate a formal conference.

•    De-escalation: students may take a short time (no more than 30 minutes or the remainder of one class period) to de-escalate if they feel angry, overwhelmed, or in need of a time-out.  Students will complete a reflection form (see Appendix A) to help staff de-escalate the situation and assist in helping to restore the student back into the classroom or classroom setting.