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Curriculum & Instruction

Delivering Educational Excellence

Wilson School District recognizes student achievement as a top priority, and our teachers, instructional aides and instructional coaches work together to provide rich and authentic learning experiences each day.

We set high expectations for learning and ensure our curriculum is aligned to state standards to drive student success.

Our K-5 ELA curriculum places emphasis on the gradual release of responsibility model. Students engage with diverse texts and authentic literature, constructive conversations, and research and inquiry projects. The K-5 math curriculum is designed to teach math as a coherent body of knowledge that follows the learning progressions required for math fluency. We strive to instill deep, conceptual knowledge that students will build on each year.

Our 6-8 ELA curriculum is a blended learning format designed to meet the rigorous academic needs of our middle schoolers. Through a unique blend of contemporary and classic literature, our students engage in rigorous reading routines to instruct them toward mastery. Daily lessons are designed to ensure students build foundational language and comprehension skills, as well as reading, writing, and research on inquiry skills. The 6-8 math curriculum bridges from our K-5 curriculum. The middle school curriculum is interactive and real-world problem solving. The curriculum ensures students’ progression of knowledge creates a sound foundation, provides key areas of focus, strong connections to prior concepts and skills, and the conceptual understanding required for success.

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